Asbestos is a form of insulation and building material that was used in properties built up to until 1980. Asbestos was discontinued in the construction and insulation of homes and businesses because of its toxic effects and hazardous properties. If your home or business was built before the 1980s it may be at risk of Airborne Asbestos Particles. Asbestos breaks down in the home and releases dangerous cancer-causing fibres into the air.

Bob Wallace Excavating is your number one Service Provider when it comes to the removal of Hazardous Materials Abatement and Remediation. Our Team is known for delivering fully complete and comprehensive solutions perfectly tailored to the specific requirements for your projects containing Asbestos.

If you are preparing a Demolition, you will need to provide an Asbestos Abatement Form to the City of Calgary before the City will issue you a permit, you will need to be aware of the following:

Asbestos Testing

Are you planning a Renovation or a Demolition? Was your house built before 1980? Trust our trained professionals when it comes to Asbestos Testing at Bob Wallace Excavating & Demolition. Our Team thoroughly tests the building for any Asbestos containing materials, then provides an Approved Survey.

Asbestos Abatement

Bob Wallace Excavating and Demolition Remediation Services leaves your home free of Asbestos containing Hazardous Materials. Following the Abatement, Bob Wallace Excavating and Demolition provides two Certificates for Air Monitoring and the Removal Clearance.

Air Monitoring

Bob Wallace Excavating and Demolition provides Air Monitoring by Third Party, which is testing conducted to ensure all hazardous particles are removed and in accordance with Occupation Health and Safety. We trust in the highest Industry Leading Technology in Asbestos Remediation and Safety.

Removal Clearance

Bob Wallace Excavating and Demolition provides a Removal Clearance Certificate which is the final procedure ensuring all visible Asbestos Particles have been removed safely. Until a Removal Certificate is in place, individuals are not allowed to enter the premises. This process is also carried out by highly trusted Third Party Consultants.



We provide Demolition of Residential and Small Commercial structures in Calgary and Surrounding Areas.

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We provide Excavation of Residential, Infills, Additions and Acreages.

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